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Website Design

Need to a website design or a personal graphic design from basic to advanced?

The prices below are provided to give you an estimated idea of how much a website would cost.  Please be aware that depending on your requirements, prices may vary.  Contact us for a quote

How to request website design with us ?

  1. Buy your domain name here. Email me to check a domain availability.
  2. Simply select a desire web design template from this link. Click each template to give you an idea what your website will look like.
  3. Play the website template online. Download the template, and I will instal it to your domain name for an additional fee listed below.
  4. If you want me to install the template, please contact me first before purchasing the template. I will send you the invoice for an additional setup cost.

Web design price includes :

Free Domain name for one year.

Domain name 14.99/yr after the first year.

Free Hosting for one year.

Second year hosting to be determined by what kind of hosting plan. It depends how many Gigabyte or usage of the gigabyte of that month. As the business will grow time to time.

Adding up more items or products on eCommerce online store is usually needed more space or GB.

Optional Hosting with us.

Special Offers : 

 WordPress USD OsCommerce USD
 Theme Installation  75 Installation 54
 Install Popular Plugin  45 Implement Your Logo 54
 Implementing Your Logo  54 Changing Color Scheme 116
 Changing Color Scheme  99 OsCommerce Store Manager 149
 Hosting Installation  121    
Header Customization 116    
Changing Content (up to 6 pages) 700    
Joomla   VirtueMart  
Installation 75 Installation 75
Implement Our Logo 54  Implement Your Logo 54
Changing Color Scheme 116  Changing Color Scheme 116
Install Hosting 112 Install Hosting 112
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Let's Get SocialWe are excited to hear about your new ideas, do not hesitate to share them with us.

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