Mobile App Development

Is your website on iPhone Itunes ? Is your website on Google Play Android? We can build mobile app for you.

I believe that every company, business, website, artist and basically anyone and anything, need to have a Mobile App this days.

And I can do it for you. I create great, low cost apps that fits small business owner.

An app is the answer to multiple business needs. With an app you don’t have to worry about getting loyalty cards or coupons designed and printed; push notifications to customers who install your app letting them know about new offers means there’s no need to run a printed promotion campaign; by the same token you don’t need to sit at your computer in your spare time, prepare and send emails or leaflets advertising your services.

As a business owner when you see that your app can save time and money.

This is a great tool for improving your Company, Business, Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter and more. This way you will always be on your audience devices and mind.

What is the price of an app? See below for more information about prices and features.











  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube

  • Call Direct – Customer calls with the push of a button in the app

  • GPS-Location – The customer receives directions to the company

  • Contact Form – Everything from the ordinary mail to quotation

  • Opt-In Form – Collecting customers’ email addressess

  • Contact information – Phone, Address, Name, E-mail

  • Cost for the Basic Package that includes the creation of the app with the above content, no matter how many features of these you choose. If you want the possibility to make changes within the app, and have full support, you can pay a monthly fee for maintenance fee     – To request a quote. Click Here

Additional Services

  • Push-Notifications

With the feature “Push Notification” you send a message to those customers who have downloaded your app.
Example: Imagine that your customer downloaded your app. When you start the new week with new campaigns, you can send out a message telling them to check out your new offers. When they click on the “OK” button, they are sent to the URL you want them to end up on. This appears as a message in everyone’s cell phones and can not be missed as a customer.To send push notifications directly to your customers are laser-targeted marketing. It’s free to send out the notifications but the function should not be abused as it can lead to customer uninstall your app due too many messages. As long as there is valuable information, the response can be massive.





  • Loyalty Cards

If you run a salon, coffee shop, a restaurant, or any other business where you can make use of Loyalty Cards, you can greatly benefit from this feature. You will never need any paper cards or stamps again and the customer will never forget the card at home.

Example: “Buy 10 cups of coffee and get No.11 for FREE” When the customer get his cup No.11 the Loyalty Card will start over at No.1 automatically. This benefits both you and the customer. The customer saves money and confidence in your business increases. You get a repeat customer, who also have your app on their mobile phone, which allows you to send push notifications directly to them. (See the feature “Push Notifications above)

Loyalty Card 660











  • Coupons

What makes coupons very powerful is that you can add new coupons at any time and they will automatically appear on the application. So you can use this function to get your customers coming back to your shop, restaurant or what ever business you have.

Even more powerful is when you combine the Coupons with Push-Notifications. Imagine you just added a new coupon in the app. Then you can send out a Push-Notification to all of your customers and let them know that there are a new coupon they can use. That if Free marketing that will get your customers coming back more often.

  • The app is suitable for iPhone, Android and more

  • Optional pages : Website updates, Blog updates, About, Contact, Twitter, Facebook, Videos, Photos, Audio, Buying products, and more

  • Takes your business as step forward! You’re going to love it.

  • It is highly recommended to order it with at least the “use your logo, images and style” Extra.

  • This will give your application a unique and spectacular appearance. Without it will NOT use your logo, colors & images

  • Your app can be on the App Stores. Check the publishing extra !

  • Select the Extra services below and use order button to place the order

  • Skype or Email info might be needed

Add Extra Featured

Use your logo, images & style for the app icon, colors, header, splash screen & background

Publish it to iPhones on app store = iTunes, exposes to a million order x 2 for iPads too

Publish it to Google Play = Android App Store, exposes to a million order x 2 for android tablet too

Provide private control panel for sending push notifications to all users and full analytic info

Provide QR code. Code in black and white with your logo

Deliver this order in just 5 days

When concerns about prices, features or other practical matters, please contact me either by phone (see bottom of page) or request a quote through the contact form