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Premium Packages

Premium Packages :


  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube

  • Call Direct – Customer calls with the push of a button in the app

  • GPS-Location – The customer receives directions to the company

  • Contact Form – Everything from the ordinary mail to quotation

  • Opt-In Form – Collecting customers’ email addresses

  • Contact information – Phone, Address, Name, E-mail

  • QR Code link to your app or website

  • Submit the App to Google Play and App Store

  • Android Traffic. Promote your Android with 50 real installs.


  • All Standard Features +

  • Push-Notifications

With the feature “Push Notification” you send a message to those customers who have downloaded your app.
Example: Imagine that your customer downloaded your app. When you start the new week with new campaigns, you can send out a message telling them to check out your new offers. When they click on the “OK” button, they are sent to the URL you want them to end up on. This appears as a message in everyone’s cell phones and can not be missed as a customer.To send push notifications directly to your customers are laser-targeted marketing. It’s free to send out the notifications but the function should not be abused as it can lead to customer uninstall your app due too many messages. As long as there is valuable information, the response can be massive. To buy an app with Push – Notification. Click here




  • Loyalty Card

If you run a salon, coffee shop, a restaurant, or any other business where you can make use of Loyalty Cards, you can greatly benefit from this feature. You will never need any paper cards or stamps again and the customer will never forget the card at home.

Example: “Buy 10 cups of coffee and get No.11 for FREE” When the customer get his cup No.11 the Loyalty Card will start over at No.1 automatically. This benefits both you and the customer. The customer saves money and confidence in your business increases. You get a repeat customer, who also have your app on their mobile phone, which allows you to send push notifications directly to them. (See the feature “Push Notifications above). With the monthly fee you can add/change this feature as much as you want. If you To buy an app with Loyalty Cards. Click Here


Loyalty Card 660


  • Coupons

What makes coupons very powerful is that you can add new coupons at any time and they will automatically appear on the application. So you can use this function to get your customers coming back to your shop, restaurant or what ever business you have.

Even more powerful is when you combine the Coupons with Push-Notifications. Imagine you just added a new coupon in the app. Then you can send out a Push-Notification to all of your customers and let them know that there are a new coupon they can use. That if Free marketing that will get your customers coming back more often.


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