4 Google Plus Tips To Help You Boost Your Presence

4 Google Plus Tips To Help You Boost Your Presence 1

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4 Google Plus Tips To Help You Boost Your Presence 2
4 Google Plus Tips To Help You Boost Your Presence

4 Google Plus Tips To Help You Boost Your Presence

When we talk about social media we can’t go without mentioning Facebook and Twitter.

On the other hand, it seems like Google’s take on networking and namely Google Plus is falling behind.

Many marketers who have high-profile accounts on other social mediums aren’t doing as well when it comes to G+.

To help you improving your presence on Google Plus, below I’ve covered four tips.


1. Post At Least Once a Day

If you want people to discover your presence on any social network you need to be active. That is especially valid when we talk about Google Plus. The reason is namely because lots of folks don’t bother to log in for weeks in a row!

Let me give you an example. You are at the shooting range. You decide to make your task difficult by firing from a very long distance at very small targets and on top of that, you have a rather inaccurate gun. And although all odds would be against you, the more shots you fire, the better the chance to hit your targets!

The same goes for Google Plus. The more stories you share (i.e. the more shots you fire), the better the chance of people seeing your message, liking it and deciding that you are a person who shares useful information (i.e. the more times you will hit the target).


2. Prepare Posts To Be Shared in Advance

In order to start posting every day, you need to be prepared.

The hardest thing when it comes to sharing content on any social network is finding it in the first place.

You’ve probably had one of those moments when you have the time to share something but you don’t know what that something should be. And instead of spending ten minutes looking for a suitable article, you decide to move on to a different task.

The above situation is obviously not what you want…

One great solution to the problem is to create a sticky note (or a Word document if you prefer). That will be your list of to-be-shared articles.

Now you need to get hold of those articles. The easiest way to discover ones is by creating an email for your RSS subscriptions, signing in once every couple of days and checking out a number of titles that seem promising.

You won’t have to do a deep reading of the posts since they will probably be from blogs you read and enjoy already (since they are on your RSS).

Whenever you find an interesting piece you copy/paste the title into the URL in the sticky note you created. That way you will always be prepared to share a story when the time comes.

Do you want a tool to help you schedule your social media posts and manage all of your accounts?

Try Hootsuite!

3. Use Screenshots for Some of the Articles You Share

Due to how the EdgeRank algorithm (the way Facebook determines how many people will see a story in their streams) works, images tend to get higher exposure on Facebook.

As far as Google Plus goes, I don’t know if the same is true. What I do know however is that visual information is perceived far easier than text.

So one way to mix up your stream a little and make it more interesting is by making a screenshot of the article’s page and sharing it that way. You basically use the screenshot instead of the thumbnail (which is generated when you copy and paste the story’s URL). Of course I am not saying that you should start doing that for every piece you share. Variety is important!

NOTE: The width that Google Plus uses for images is 495px. As far as height of the image goes best would be if it doesn’t exceed those same 495 pixels.

Are we already connected via Google+? If not, please do it now:

4. Know that Circles Are There for a Good Reason

One mistake that many marketers seem to make is to focus all of their social media presence around themselves. Even though they spend lots of time on a network building their following, many don’t actually check out what the people they are following have shared.

On Twitter for instance, following someone takes just a click of a button. That is why pretty much everyone follows lots of accounts without caring what they put out. I am doing it, you are probably doing it too.

To solve that problem, Twitter users can add people to lists…

On Google Plus the possibility to add people to different circles takes utilizes a similar principle. There you have a great way to manage not only who you follow but also how you see the shares of those who you follow. Adding folks to different circles allows for fine content filtering.

For example, if you create a circle called “Great Social Media Bloggers” and you take five minutes every day to search for interesting content there, you will undoubtedly find more than one or two quality posts – and the same won’t be buried beneath other updates, which aren’t relevant to you at the moment.

NOTE: The good thing about Google Plus’ low activity level is that when someone shares an article, more often than not that article is well-chosen and it’s actually worth the read.


Now It’s Your Turn

Hope you do try the tips I overviewed in this post and I hope that you do actually find them useful!

Now it’s your turn guys!


Do you believe Google Plus is actually worth the time?

If so, are you using the network frequently?

Source: http://reviewzntips.com/google-plus-tips/#ixzz4aEXg9iOE