YouTube Video Views and Conversion Rates: How to Boost Yours

YouTube Video Views and Conversion Rates: How to Boost Yours 1

Published Mar 13, 2017 Modified Sep 7, 2022

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If you’re not already using video marketing to gain new customers, then you’re missing out. Video drives traffic and provides higher engagement rates. How to Boost Your YouTube Video Views and Conversion Rates.

To start, YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform on the web consistently topping G+ with videos that get 1000 views per day and has near a billion monthly views. YouTube’s views are critical, and make a HUGE difference in how much your videos are monetized. That’s why claiming your YouTube video shares are off, here’s what you need to do. This is valuable for new vloggers, but even more so, for veterans. Vlogging is an important skill that you need to master in order to lure viewers through your channel. Many of them don’t realize until their advertising revenue dwindles that their videos are no longer appearing in a video searches to help you.

YouTube Secrets

You can use YouTube to your advantage if you know how to drive conversions on your YouTube website. The first thing to check is the video’s title, tags, embedded links, share buttons, read more links and so on. Then, add call-to-action phrases and content that drives conversions. For this, you need to keep your audiences engaged and entertained. It should devise your website design and thought process to push video views for each video. Obviously, minimizing the need to produce multiple videos of the same thing is key. Using video reports While it should focus most of your attention on driving traffic and clicks, not just on the video aspect, you do still need to make fairly regular measurements behind the video. To do this, create a separate landing page for the video, even if something embedded it a link in a post. Carefully measuring the engagement level on a separate landing page, with a video embedded, will help you glean much more information on performing that video, including the average time spent viewing it and the average number of views it generates. While it should focus most of your attention on driving traffic and clicks, not just on the video aspect, you do still need to make fairly regular measurements behind the video.

Google Trends and SEO for YouTube Videos

One thing is for sure: YouTube has the potential to make or break your moment in the markets. While the platform is clunky and has a lot of potential for error, the creative possibilities and high conversion rates should not be overlooked. One way to boost your YouTube video views and conversion rates is to follow the tips in this article on how to boost YouTube Views and Conversion Rates. We would suggest that you check out this video, we are certain that you will find the lessons in every part of this video valuable. Here are a few quick tips for you to keep in mind as you navigate through the steps to increase your YouTube views, share your support and do your part to raise your profile: Start with the basics. Make sure you have a decent brand image and create a decent profile image. You should also choose a video thumbnail that you would share with everyone. If you don’t, consider how your viewers will feel when they visit your profile, and if it will stoke them on your video if it’s not one they can totally get behind. Watch the videos that are performing well for you and learn from them. Take a note of both the most viewed and most favorite videos and try to incorporate some strategies they used in their videos. Keep in mind that some channels may cram all different content into their channel hoping to draw more viewers in, so they can try to get the most hits they can within the hour. The best way to make the most of your video is make sure it’s narrow in focus and content. Video producers will adapt their videos to fit the demographic they are trying to attract. They will try to keep their videos to the best interests of the viewers. Key Takeaways: The opportunity of being seen and interviewed by many people online is a great benefit, and so is developing your personal brand, however, you need to have some sort of natural personality and presence on-camera. You can use video to showcase customer testimonials, product details, or demos. It’s a simple way to communicate your message in a format that people enjoy. In fact, internet users on mobile devices prefer video to text.

In order to drive traffic to your site from a video on YouTube or posted to social media, you need to have a clear goal. You need to decide on what you’re trying to accomplish. After you’ve set your goal and created your video, there are a few steps you can take to boost conversion rates and get more views.

Choose the Right Thumbnail

Perhaps the most important element of your video is the thumbnail. This is the first thing that most people will see when your video appears in a search result. More than anything else, this determines whether someone clicks play.

When you upload a video to YouTube, you can choose a thumbnail from a selection of screen grabs. Instead of using these random images, take the time to create your own.

Make sure that the thumbnail is a clear image. Place the title or a relevant keyword over the image, so that anyone that sees the thumbnail immediately knows what your video is about.

Use a Consistent Brand Image

It always helps to establish a brand image, when you’re trying to make money online. Even if you’re selling affiliate products, having an identifiable brand helps you attract more leads.

In keeping with this concept, use a consistent brand image across your website, social media profiles, and the use of video.

For example, if you use specific colors on your website and social media profile, then incorporate these same colors in your video. You can insert title cards between scenes or on-screen messages using a theme that matches your brand.

Pay Attention to the Video Length

Viewer engagement peaks at 2-minutes and then drops. So, you’ll want to keep most of your videos to 2-minutes or less. The only time that you want to create longer videos is when you have more information to provide.

For promotional videos and testimonials, shorter is better. Use these short videos to enhance your landing pages. Instead of just showing quotes from customers, show their video testimonial. Showcase the features of the product or service that you’re selling.

Include a Clear Call to Action

The final step in boosting conversions from videos is to include a call to action. You need a call to action to let people know what to do next. Your call to action is the second biggest part of the video.

Most people make the mistake of placing the call to action at the end of the video.

You should actually place a call to action toward the middle of your video. The CTA could appear as an on-screen annotation or an embedded text overlay. Then, include another call to action at the end.

Make sure that your CTA is clear and direct. Remember that it needs to describe an action, such as “call me, book an appointment, click this link, complete this form, order today, or visit this page.”

Increasing video conversions begins with the thumbnail. This grabs attention. Then, you need to think about branding, video length, and your call to action. Besides these steps, don’t forget to include the metadata, such as an attention-grabbing title and an informative description.

YouTube Secrets for Earning $2K Monthly Income

What makes YouTube so popular? The high-quality content creators, the high number of views, and the ability to target a niche audience. Of course, it can achieve some of the best results through content marketing strategy, but YouTube is a great place to start. In fact, the most successful channels only consistently generate about 50,000 views per month. They’ll spend more than a few hours each week editing and adding new content, but they’ll consider a smaller number of videos their triumphs. You can create as many videos as you want, and you still wouldn’t approach anywhere close to 50,000 per month. Which channels are this however? The best of them are highly focused or contain the greatest amount of information. They’ve figured out a good way of splitting their content and distributing it across lots of channels. As mentioned before, this brings content to viewers with no expensive advertising. Right now, you can use the platform for free, but it’s limited to videos instead of text. Whether you’re a blogger, vlogger, photographer, or basically anyone with a video camera, you can create content and support your channel by uploading videos and creating channels. It’s definitely something to keep an eye out for, as it could cause a precious resource in the upcoming years.

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